The Love to Ski club is an organization that is set up to cater to the needs of people who love to ski. It's really that simple. All of the members are happy people who love to slide on snow with other happy people. The instructors provide excellent instruction, no matter what level of skier you are. Julie Holah does a great job of organizing the days in Collingwood and the week vacations away. Everything she does is to ensure that we, the members, are having a good time.

Do you love to ski? Are you available on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays to ski in Collingwood? Do you enjoy going to far off places to ski with friendly, happy people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to seriously consider joining up.

Looking forward to sharing some turns with you!

Don Carman   

My first season with Love to Ski has been lots of fun! It is well organized. There are lots of fun and interesting people. There is lots of skiing midweek. I really enjoyed the season!


Leslie Vanderburgh   

I have been a member of Love to Ski for several seasons now and right from the beginning I felt welcomed by everyone. The lessons are excellent and the instructors keep you moving on the hill! I love going to different clubs up in the Collingwood area and have taken advantage of, and very much enjoyed, the recent March trips to Western Canada, Colorado and France.” Diane


I have been a member of Love to Ski since before Julie took over and have made life long friends as well as have had super instructors throughout the years. It's great to go to all the best ski clubs in the Collingwood area every season and Julie has organized some great post season (in Collingwood) ski trips both in Canada, the US and Europe. You can't find a better Club so join now while the joining is offered and you will have a great winter. Cheers, Susanne

Susanne Clarke   

I have skied with the Love to Ski club for three years and have found the people in the club to be most welcoming and have enjoyed my trips abroad with the club very much. This year's trip to Cortina Italy with the wonderful Dolomites as our playground "the best yet". The Dolomites offered such a vast area for skiers of my ability as well as challenges to push myself beyond what I thought possible. I loved it, I loved it, l loved it. Marg Schmidt

Margaret Schmidt   

Love, Love, Loved 2014 Ski Season with Love to Ski!

My vacation in my own backyard was super easy and a resounding success. The 6 weeks of mid-week skiing broke the winter into "fun" and all you have to do is make the commitment, get on the bus, or in your car and everything else is done. I looked forward to the "booked" skiing, socializing and surroundings for the whole winter season! Skiing during the day mid-week was a special treat. Thank you Love to Ski and Julie Holah. Bring it on, winter 2014 – 2015! My 6 days of vacation are already booked!. So looking forward more sunny days of snow and corduroy.

Belinda Boucher   

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